Does your company have a mobile app? Is your company webpage mobile enabled? In the next 5 years, more people will view your site from a mobile device, than from a computer. We can create the app that will enable you to stay close and relevant to your changing audience.

Moray Labs, although young, has developed and marketed a number of apps for mobile devices. Although we can build for you an app as serious, and as useful as you can image, we also have a fun side. With our game apps, we focus on being fun first and foremost. If a game we create is not fun, then what was the point? All our games are games WE love and enjoy to play. My 9 year old niece, and my own father, both love playing the same games we developed. Our games are simply, and fundamentally fun for everyone who can enjoy themselves.

Here are our most recent mobile apps for webOS:

Joe Farts

Joe Burps

Joe’s Hungry

Arnold Says

More Cowbell! the Game


We also have released a number of apps on our own, that you might find interesting:

Lunar Pal

Mortgage Pal

Yoga Pal

Medical Abbreviation Pal

Pizza Pal

Tea Pal