Vectrex Controllers!

We are now offering our custom-designed and 3D-printed Vectrex controllers for sale!

Play two-player games or replace your broken original.



-High-quality Japanese Sanwa buttons
-Analog joystick
-Fully compatible with original, overlays fit, and it fits on the front of the Vectrex!
-Rugged and upgradeable
-6 foot cable with molded end
-Designed, printed, and carefully hand assembled in the USA by us!
-Comes in custom colors! Change the joystick color, body, and even the buttons!

Finally, an aftermarket control panel that can fit on the front.

Right now only $100!

Behind-the-seen build details here on my blog.

FullSizeRenderBlack, Red, or White buttons look great with aftermarket overlays.

Modified molded plug38940_9

Blue LED light-up clear joystick option!IMG_0579


IMG_0582 Fits just like your original.


IMG_0574Black case, with black buttons and a clear stick.



I am now offering a Pro version!

-New larger, higher-end, more sensitive joystick. Used to control drones, this is the biggest that can possibly fit in the form factor. It is so much taller that it does not fit entirely in the front of the Vectrex anymore, but it can be modified to do so. As the stick costs more, the PRO is $15 more.  Read more at my personal Blog.

UPDATE 2: I am not currently making these due to supply chain issues and free time on my part.

We have made the files available on Thingiverse for free so you can build your own though!