Learn about our great company.

Moray Labs LLC: Founded on 3.14.2011 in South Bend, IN.  Moray Labs is the collaborative effort of two guys with the shared passion of programming and anything technology.  Now that Moray Labs has been established, we can collaborate to create creative, fun, and innovative mobile and web applications.  Moray Labs wants to prove that not all great software companies have come from the coasts, a few like us can come from the midwest!

Drew D. Lehart: Drew has been developing web sites for many years, his strong background in the web that helps in the emerging mobile market. Drew knows a number of languages, programing languages that is. They include PHP, Ruby, Python, Javascript, and many more. He is a devote Linux fan, has many years of experience in telecom, computer hardware and software.   Drew is known amongst his friends for his sense of humor, and joy of the outdoors. He is great at organizing and creating projects with new and innovative ideas. Collaboration is one of his specialties.

Andy T. Evans: With degrees not only in Computer Science, but in Film Studies, History, and the Arts, Andy strives to meet the idea of the modern renaissance man. He has over 10 years experience in Information Technologies, and is a seasoned PHP, Javascript, and web developer. He has a knack for understanding how users might want to use technology. His love of the arts, food, travel, music, film and photography not only balance his strong logical side, but complement and inspire innovation and passion in everything he works on. He seldom considers himself an expert, because to him that insinuates he has little more to learn, which is a sad thought to him.