Waterloo: Tank Assault

Waterloo: Tank Assault is a 2D tank warfare game for the iPad, HP Touchpad, and now on the Mac store! This military artillery game plays homage to the classic Scorched Earth / Dome Wars / Cannon Fodder style of artillery game. The object is to destroy the enemy tank before YOU get destroyed. Match your trajectory and aiming skills with up to 4 Human players, or choose up to 3 AI opponents. Each winning round gives the ability to purchase weapons, fuel, and defense items for future battles. High Scores are saved to the Internet for prosperity, and a settings page allows you to change the game physics. Each map is dynamically created with four different locations to play though. Guaranteed to make this a repeat hit!

We plan to continue to provide updates, which will include weapons, shields, and terrain upgrades. As always please email us with any bugs or feature requests.


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