Moray Labs Embrases and supports Firefox OS

This January Mozilla was gracious enough to fly me to Mt View for developer training on their new open source mobile OS. Firefox OS is a wonderful modern OS, that is fully unencumbered and totally open. It works great on lower end devices and best of all it is entirely html5 based. Everything is a web app. The Firefox browser runs everything, and as it is the ONLY thing running on the linux kernel, it runs very fast and efficient Mozilla has advanced the standards, adding and proposing new API’s for html5 to gain access to things like battery level, and many more. They have a number of hardware and carrier partners, and will launch in a number of developing markets, including Brazil, and Mexico. It was a great learning experience, and we look forward to developing and porting apps for the platform. We currently have one app for free in the store, and as soon as they open it to paid apps, we will post a few more ports we finished. If you would like your app developed for Firefox OS, or  your current app optimized or ported, let us know!

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